Meet Nguyen Thi Thuan Hoa, R&D Supervisor, Biên Hòa, Vietnam

How would you describe working at allnex?

Being an R&D Supervisor at allnex Vietnam, I know my dream has come true. At allnex, I can learn new technologies from our R&D centers across the globe. I can also test my ideas using modern laboratory equipment to develop new products and meet the demands of our customers.

What keeps you in the company?

I have been working for allnex for over 13 years. The main reason is that I have always received great support from my managers and colleagues, especially during my pregnancy. In that period, my daily tasks were rearranged to avoid contact with chemicals, which ensured that my mental and physical health are well protected. I greatly appreciate this!

Furthermore, I am constantly inspired by my manager, who often encourages me to find the solution for a problem or obstacle, instead of just saying “No” and staying where we are. This mentality has helped me advance considerably in my career as well as my daily life. Now, I strongly believe that when you work dedicatedly and devote yourself to your job, then success will come.

One of the greatest achievement I had at allnex was to be nominated to participate in the global allnexT program -  a talent development program for first-time leaders. Through this journey, I acquired management and leadership skills, as well as the key to good teamwork. Our global leaders shared their vision on the market development trends and allnex business strategies. Together with the support and trainings from mentors in big projects, I saw myself getting more matured, with the necessary awareness and a strong mindset, to conquer the milestones on my career development path.

Join me in the allnex journey to discover yourself!


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