Meet Michela Rizzi Process Engineer, Bassano, Italy

Why did you choose to join the Chemicals industry?

From an early age, I developed an interest in science, including subjects such as chemistry, physics, and mathematics. After graduating from high school, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with a senior chemical engineer, who explained his job to me. This encounter intrigued me so much, that I decided to study chemical engineering at the University of Padua in Italy.

What’s your development story, where are you now? What helped you to get there?

I wanted to start my career in science and put my theoretic knowledge to practice use, as well as interact with people while doing so. After graduation, I worked in the mechanical sector for several years where I was part of a team that built particle accelerators for physics research laboratories. Unfortunately, the company faced a financial downturn in 2019 and was at risk of bankruptcy.

Fortunately, I received a call from allnex Italy in September 2019. This was completely unexpected as I was on maternity leave at the time, after the birth of my second child who was 3 months old at the time (I have two children who are now 4 and 2). allnex was looking for a chemical engineer who could work in the Production department for process optimization and production planning. I went for the job interview and was selected for the role. I thank allnex for giving me this opportunity, as well as treating me so well. So much so, that I was even given working time reduction to take care of my child, until my child turned 1.

How would you describe working at allnex?

I have worked in the Production department since January 2020 and I am the only woman in a group of about 50 male colleagues, which can be challenging at times. But allnex has been very open-minded about this and I appreciate it. My colleagues are skilled and involved, which why I get to learn something new every day. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic starting in 2020, I still really enjoy working at allnex.

What keeps you in the company?

I like being a part of a multinational company and getting in contact with lots of different professionals with different experiences. The environment at the Romano, Italy site is really stimulation, and I appreciate the high-level of knowledge and interest in continuous improvement.

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