Meet Julia Zhu, Plant Manager (Guangzhou, China)

Why did you choose to join the Chemicals industry?

My passion for the chemical industry stems from my secondary education, where I realized my potential in the study of natural sciences such as chemistry and physics. This was the driving factor for me majoring in Chemical Engineering and Technology while at university. I was fortunate enough to land a job in the field of my choice and started my career as a Process Engineer at a Chemical company.

How did you start at allnex?

I started off at allnex as a Senior Process Engineer at the Zhuhai site, back in September 2016. My main focus was the transfer of new products from XR global to the new plant, Zhuhai. This was an important project which was also close to my heart, because the Greater China region did not have an XR manufacturing production line, nor an XR plant. Then, all products were imported from Europe of the U.S., which was not as beneficial for the region in terms of market shares. The aim was to secure the Greater China market rapidly by first, building a tolling line with partnering plants which would save time and localize allnex products. It was a proud moment as I was the Process Engineer responsible for introducing new products along with the R&D team.

What’s your development story, where are you now? What helped you to get there?

After significant achievements with product transfers and improvements between 2016 and 2017, I moved into the construction phase of the XR products in the then new Zhuhai site. I focused my energy on switching new product line commissioning and new line start-up R72, which succeeded in September of 2017. After this start-up, I was promoted to the Assistant Operation Manager in December 2017. With lots of hard-work and dedication, I had been promoted to Plant Manager in December 2019. I honed on my skills of driving results, persistence, and cooperation to get where I am today.

How would you describe working at allnex?

I would say people in allnex help each other, care for each other. The company also gives me the opportunity  to constantly challenge myself, and encourage myself to work at my best.

What keeps you in the company?

allnex fosters a performance-driven culture that helps its employees thrive, and at the same time, provides a fair and healthy working environment. Not only that, allnex’s senior leaders are willing to cultivate employees and even put resources to plan and implement development programs, such as the Emerging Leaders Program.


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