Meet Tre' A. Holmes, TS&D Laboratory Technician (Alpharetta, GA, USA)

Why did you choose to join the chemical industry?

The chemical industry, in a way, chose me. When no other industry wanted to give me a chance because of pre-judgements, I was offered a position in this industry, despite how I look.  Now, I’m secure in an industry where I know I can feel comfortable with myself.

How did you start at allnex?

I was hired as the TS&D Laboratory Technician for PCR on October 28, 2019.

What’s your development story, where are you now? What helped you to get there?

I’m originally from Memphis, TN and that’s where all of my family stay. Where I’m from, a lot of people don’t have many opportunities or the resources to succeed in life.  I wanted to beat the odds and start a trend of change. Being a first generation college student was a lot of pressure and I graduated with my bachelors’ degree at the young age of 20 and at first didn’t know what my next step would be. I made my way to Atlanta and made a way by myself to get to where I’m at. My sole determination is my family and community; I want to show them that we can do something greater.

How would you describe working at allnex?

I feel very comfortable working at allnex. The work environment is nice and I can tell that everyone cares. This is a place where I know I’m only judged by the work and effort I put forward towards my job and nothing else. I know this is a place where any professional in the chemical industry would love to grow.

What keeps you in the company?

The environment, the experience, and the constant learning is keeping me here. There is always something new to learn and I’m not close to finishing.   I’m comfortable with my position and my team is great and I will hold onto that.


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