Meet Christian Renouf, Junior Product Line Manager (Drogenbos, Belgium)

How did you start at allnex?

I joined Nuplex Composites, now allnex, at the start of 2015 as my first full time job. Working from the trade centre in Sydney, I interacted with a wide range of industries, from local surfboard shapers to multinational mining infrastructure suppliers. My dad would even stop for repair resin whenever someone in the family crashed the Hobie cat while racing. He was quite a frequent visitor.

What’s your development story, where are you now? What helped you to get there?

In my first year at allnex, I was given the opportunity to transition to the role of Product Line Manager, Australia & New Zealand. As this was a large shift in responsibility I continue to appreciate allnex's early trust in my ability. This trust allowed me to form an enduring foundation of confidence and self-worth. From here I was energized to take on new initiatives which expanded my mental toolkit, reinforced my appetite for challenges and grew my professional network. I credit this enthusiasm to the people and culture within the ANZ organization, the infinite support and mentorship fostered my development.

During this period I completed my university studies and was on the lookout for new adventures. A well-fitting position became available in Brussels and with allnex's support I was able to embark on the largest challenge of my life so far. I said farewell to my friends and family, packed my whole life into a suitcase and moved to the other side of the world.

Since relocating from Australia to Belgium I feel myself actively growing, both inside and outside of work. I have been focusing on improving specific skills, such as navigating culturally complex environments and the importance of communicating over distance. It has been a tough, but rewarding opportunity.

How would you describe working at allnex?

Overall, I have experienced open and engaging work environments within allnex. Environments that cultivate interpersonal relationships easily, resulting in clear communication and abundant support. This, combined with an engaging leadership group and accessible subject matter experts, provides a platform for the fluid exchange of experience and learnings.

As an anecdote, when leaving the ANZ team, we traditionally give a farewell speech. The word "family" came out a few too many times in my speech. How cheesy! Yet, I was proud to be able to say this with full sincerity.

What keeps you in the company?

Mobility and Mentorship.


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