Meet Tommy Fei, Sourcing Manager (Suzhou, China)

Why did you choose to join the Chemicals industry?

Chemistry industry is very important, it has close relationship with almost every field in our life. And I am very interested in chemistry, as is known to all, interest is the best teacher. Therefore I chose and I believe I can do the job well.


How did you start at allnex?

What’s your development story, where are you now? What helped you to get there?

I joined legacy Nuplex as Purchasing Assistant in 2007 when I graduated from university. I grew up with the vigorous development of the company together. Especially in 2015, with the start of our new plant in Changshu, I spent plenty of time in investigating and sourcing for new raw materials, which prompted my business skills including communication skill, presentation skill, teamwork skill have been improved rapidly. Then I was promoted to be the senior buyer after my work experiences have been fully accumulated. In 2016, when the company was merged, I was proud to be the staff of allnex in the role of purchasing specialist. And now I am the sourcing manager, and leadership skill have recognized gradually.


How would you describe working at allnex? 

What keeps you in the company?

I would like to thank the company for giving me this platform to show myself. Then, I would also like to thank all colleagues of the company for their help and support. It is challenging but full of kindness, also provide a clear career path, as well as I can balance work and life flexibly. The company's affirmation of my working ability is also a kind of encouragement for me to do a good job in the future. That’s why I keep in the company. I will continue to work hard and do better in the future.



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