Meet Daniel Pan, Senior R&D Chemist (Suzhou, China)

Why did you choose to join the Chemicals industry?

When I was in junior school, my Chemistry teacher put a matchstick with little sparks into the glass jar which filled with oxygen, and then my interest was ignited.

Chemistry constitutes the basis of life and all nature. It is often associated with chemical factories and with products such as colorful paint and N95 melt-blown fabric which is so important strategic materials in COVID-19.

How did you choose your University of choice?

Nanjing Tech University, which is highly ranked in the Chinese mainland universities in ESI 2018(September) and Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Engineering and Biology & Biochemistry are among the top 1% in the world.

How did you start at allnex?

I started my career as assistant R&D chemist in July 2010 after graduating from college.

What’s your development story, where are you now? What helped you to get there? 

My first job was to synthesis the Alkyd and amino resin, after well done with all this work, start to touch acrylic resin. In the first three years of work, learn more technology of polymers from professional books and get ideas from the continuous experimentation. And make a breakthrough in acrylic resin which used for vehicle bumper.

In 2014, R&D start RTO project for Changshu site, I got a lot training about waterborne emulsion technology and even some constructive guidance from Chief R&D chemist in Boz. When emulsion was scaled up from lab to plant, will meet the issues which were totally different from lab such as rate of agitation, temperature control and cross-contamination of emulsions. After solved these problems one by one , you have gain more experience and grew up with this new plant.

When involved in R&D project, need to choose appropriate and correct technical route, you will learn more from leaders’ rich experience in every discussion and meeting. With the time pass by, you have improved a lot.

How would you describe working at allnex? 

I really enjoy working at allnex which is like a big family. And the company especially focus on the safety management, the safety awareness is always exist in my brain whenever in lab or in life.

What keeps you in the company?

allnex gave us a stage to display personal ability, and I like working well with a clear timeline in place. Many R&D projects have a deadline in AIMS, and finishing the project before the deadline helps me feel like I have accomplished a goal and keeps me more motivated to continue to exceed expectations.

And I am proud to work at allnex which to be recognized as the global leader in industrial coating resins.


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