Meet Taylor!

Why did you choose the allnex Corporate Trainee Program?

This trainee program caught my eye because it would allow me to transition into an adjacent field of chemistry with fast-paced learning. Not only did I get to explore various allnex chemistries, but I also had the opportunity to travel and work in a plant setting.

How has the allnex Corporate Trainee Program contributed to your career growth?

The connections I made during my rotations have been invaluable. Having worked in several groups, I believe I’ve had opportunities I otherwise would have missed. Additionally, my time with all of the different rotations has made me aware of many more people and resources that I will continue to use.

What advice would you give someone who's joining the allnex Corporate Trainee Program?

Ask a lot of questions and enjoy the rotations. This is a very unique opportunity to take extra time to learn and understand the projects and chemistry. While results are important, the main goal is to develop both yourself and your connections. If possible, take the time to step away from the work and explore what is around you at these locations.

After graduating from the Corporate Trainee Program, Taylor transitioned into the role of Innovation Research Scientist and is based in our Alpharetta (USA) location.