Allnex Recruitment Activity Data Protection Notice (DPN)


Allnex takes the privacy and security of applicants seriously. This DPN covers information allnex collects in connection with our Recruitment activities. This Policy also covers information collected through:

  • Our website and automated e-mail messages in response to your application,
  • social media such as LinkedIn or Xing,
  • job boards and
  • e-mail messages we send to you that link to this DPN.

This DPN also covers other means by which we collect information. For example, it also covers how we collect information from in person discussions and telephone conversations.


Reason for this Data Protection Notice

Candidates have the right to be informed about the collection and use of their personal data. This is a key transparency requirement under the GDPR.

The purpose of this DPN is to provide our candidates and potential future employees with privacy information including: our purposes for processing their personal data, our retention periods for that personal data, and who it will be shared with.


How we use your information

In the course of your application, we may gather Personal Information that may be used to identify potential professional opportunities other than the job you have applied for but of which we think they might be of interest to you.

In the course of your application, we may also use your Personal Information to confirm references (or background checks in those countries where permissible) you have provided us.

In the course of your application, we may request your consent to participate in aptitude tests or recruitment assessments.

We use your Personal Information to respond to your inquiries, to verify your information and to share information with you.


Where your information is stored

Your Personal Information will be stored in our HR software platform. If in the course of the application process, it is of personal interest to you that we pass on your data to a different business area within allnex and/or a different allnex location, we will pass on the application to the relevant location.


Retention period

We retain your Personal Information as per the following criteria:

A period of up to 12 months as of the closure of the application procedure if your application is unsuccessful.

In case of a successful application and you are hired, your data will be transferred to your employee file.


Who can you contact in case of questions or concerns

The name and contact details of our organization: Allnex Belgium NV/SA, Anderlechtstraat 33, 1620 Drogenbos, Belgium

Allnex is responsible for collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Information under this Notice.

Questions regarding this Notice should be directed to:


Candidate rights in respect of the processing

You can exercise the following rights:

  • Access your data
  • Correct your data
  • Object to use your data
  • Transfer your data
  • Upload your data
  • Exercise your “Right to be forgotten”
  • Withdraw consent (if applicable)

by sending an email to


Important to note

We do not sell personal data to other organizations; we do not share it with other organizations outside allnex (other than as strictly required for the fulfillment of our legal or contractual obligations).

We do not apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) or automated decision-making, including profiling (if applicable) to our Recruitment activity.

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Changes to the information

We regularly review and, where necessary, update our privacy information.

If we plan to use personal data for a new purpose, we update our privacy information and communicate the changes before starting any new processing.